Who's Coming
Brian & Kris Carroll, Townsend, MT - RV-7 Race 155
Red Hamilton & Marilyn Boese, Ft Bragg, CA  
Wittman Tailwind  Race 37
Brent Travis, Coeur d'Alene, ID   RV-4 Race TF
Bob Axsom, Farmington, Arkansas  
RV-6A, Race 71
James Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah  
Glasair lll, Race 79
To Commemorate The Inaugural

Pappy Boyington Cup

Craig Catto 
Has Graciously Donated His     Beautiful Handmade Catto  Propeller Tip Throphies
Thank You Craig
Jason Rovey, 2010 SARL National Champion, 
Experimental Class.
Wickenburg, AZ   RV-8  Race 391
Stephen Christopher & Melissia , Seattle, WA.  
RV-7, Race 77
Jeff Barnes, Chicago, IL  
RV-6, Race 411
Don Otis, Lynnwood, WA. 
AA-1A,  Race 30
John Smutny, Kent, WA.  
Wolf Pitts S-1, Race 01
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Bob & Diane Babler, Grand Coulee, WA  
RV-7, Race 7RB
Terry & Aaron Thines, Sand Springs, OK  
Mooney 231, Race 167
Dan & George Wood, Lacey, WA. 
C-172,  Race 8R
The Aviation Business Demands 
Excellence & Innovation 

It demands a company like Empire Airlines
Bob Beaton,    Race 57
Bob Mills, Reno, NV  RV-Super Six, Race 43